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A box full of trees

May 13, 2010

Here’s an intriguing idea…

A company in the US is impregnating cardboard boxes with seeds – you get your Internet shopping delivery in a cardboard box, tear up the cardboard, plant it, water it and tree seedlings will grow.

The Life Box company explain that within the corrugations of the cardboard box are hundreds of tree seeds and thousands of friendly spores of mycorrhizal fungi – if you want to know more about the role of the fungi, you have to watch the video with the CEO (dressed appropriately in a hat made out of mushrooms!) explaining it all! Once the customer has unpacked the goods, the box is torn up, planted and tree seedlings emerge.

The claim for the Life Box is “universality of use, it adds almost no weight to the box and it empowers individuals to offset climate change by planting trees.” What’s not to like? And what if Amazon took it on?….. there would certainly be small forest in our back garden by now….