Green Car Project 2010

Talybont-on-Usk Energy (ToUE) is running a community green car project in 2010. In a rural area like ours, car travel can account for around 1/3 of the 10 tonnes of carbon we generate per person per year. Such travel is also likely to become increasingly expensive as the price of fossil fuel is forced up by the scarcity of oil and gas and government taxation encourages the switch to more sustainable energy.

To address this, Talybont Energy wishes to explore: (i) cars which use alternative sources of energy and (ii) the feasibility of car sharing within a rural community.

We have purchased two community cars which represent two very different sustainable energy options – electric and biodiesel.  11 volunteer households have signed up to book and use these cars to replace  10% of both short and long journeys they would have made in their own cars.

The project has the following aims:-

  1. To create a small but committed group of people who share a goal of reducing the carbon emissions on their annual car journeys by 10%.
  2. To test whether a shared car scheme might work in Talybont and how it would operate, e.g. booking, number of cars, location, administration, financing model, etc.
  3. To evaluate 2 different sustainable transport alternatives – electric and biodiesel – and their different infrastructural demands. In the case of electric, this involves charging points and the challenges of limited range and performance in our rural, hilly environment. In the case of biodiesel, this involves supply, distribution and payment challenges.
  4. To trigger a shift in our outlook in regards to personal car use and dependence on fossil fuels.

We will blog our progress with this exciting project during the year.

You can read more about the two cars here.

And more about the energy equations for the electric car here.


4 Responses to “Green Car Project 2010”

  1. catherine thompson Says:

    I have recently moved to Talybont on Usk, and by doing so am conscience that by having made this move, I am no longer in a position to argue public transport as my preferred method to travel without hinderance to daily life. For the first time I am urgently having to consider car ownership. I am, not yet, looking to reduce any existing annual car use by 10 % as argued in this projects motion, but seek to avoid to become yet another independent car owner. May I ask the project to consult, as to what emphasis is placed upon the car share scheme for those whom may be wishing to supplement their travel requirements on top of public transport and what priorities may be offered to those potential memebers over those who are existing car owners?

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  4. Charge points for B-Bugs « The B-Bug Blog Says:

    […] The trial which Talybont Energy have been running with a shared community electric car also suggests that a range of 30 miles is fine for the vast majority of daily uses (shopping in Brecon being the primary one). Results from the UK trial of the Mini-E car in Oxfordshire suggests the same might be true for its users too.  Indeed, people who are new to electric vehicles are surprised to discover how short most of their regular car journeys are. […]

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