Temporary Turbine Troubles

Our Talybont turbine has been running like clockwork (well actually more like a turbine) for the past 2 plus years but the past few weeks, we have experienced some unexpected drop outs with the system recording over heated generator bearings.

Then, last week a more alarming problem arose where the turbine was apparently turning but recording no power generation.

No turbine, no income – that always concentrates the mind!

Fortunately, Kester Salisbury kindly paid our turbine a visit on Saturday on his way from Cornwall to fix a hydro scheme in North Wales and he successfully (it appears) diagnosed and fixed both problems. The former, it seems, might have been the result of over frequent greasing of the bearings. The latter seems to have been the result of the engineer who switches us to our summer compensation flow turning the external valve down to a trickle thus still turning the turbine but with little power.

All now seems to be well and Kester has been booked in to give us an annual mechanical check up. The learning journey continues….


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