Whipcar – rent out your own car

A novel UK wide car rental scheme was launched in April called “Whipcar” – if you don’t use your car a lot of the time, you can join the scheme and rent it out with someone looking after the administrative and insurance details for you.

According to an article in The Guardian ….”To take part, a car owner registers his or her details and decides how much to charge for an hour or a day. Cars must be no more than eight years old, have a valid MOT and road tax, existing insurance, and be clean and in good condition. WhipCar carries out checks to make sure the car is roadworthy and has not been stolen. It is then advertised on the site.

Rental charges are paid into the owner’s bank account each month after WhipCar has deducted a 15% commission.

Cars may not be rented by anyone under the age of 21 or over 70, or anyone with more than six penalty points on their licence, a drink-driving conviction within the last five years, or any convictions relating to driving without insurance. They must also have had no more than two accidents in the past three years.”

Browsing the Whipcar website suggests that they have succeeded in getting quite a few car owners to register across different parts of the UK  (although currently the nearest car to here is in Gloucester). It looks like users and usage is still very low but one would expect it to take time to grow.

I know some community car clubs use cars which belong to one or other member but I guess Whipcar is a different, commercially based and less-community centric model. But it could work even here in a rural area once people got to know about it.


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