Car project progress in April

It is now the end of our 3rd month of the car project (April) and the two cars (Bluebell and Mr Chips) have travelled a total of 6455 miles (38% of our target mileage) and saved 2.5 metric tonnes of fossil CO2 (58% of our carbon target for the year). That is roughly equivalent to switching off  all electricity in an average Powys household for a year. We are beginning to think we should have set ourselves a more ambitious target!

The big step forward in April was the long-awaited filling of our own private biodiesel tank with 500L of recycled vegetable oil. All project members can now fill Mr Chips whenever he needs it. It’s as good as having our own private filling station but without the chance to purchase newspapers and the odd pint of milk or mars bar. Maybe that will come!

Bluebell continues to pootle happily in and out of Brecon with the odd interlude as a taxi carrying visitors up to the Talybont turbine.  She currently has some spare capacity although one has to take into account the time she needs to re-charge at the end of a trip.

Mr Chips has broader horizons and continues to roam the length and breadth of the UK – Devon and Cornwall one week and Lancashire the next.  We’ve changed his fuel filter for a 2nd time and he should now have got all the ordinary diesel sludge out of his system. According to his dashboard guage, he achieved 73 MPG on a 400 mile round trip last week which is as efficient as the same model of car running on ordinary fuel.

For more details about the project, click here.


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