Car project progress in March

It’s the end of our 2nd month of the Talybont car project and the two cars have travelled a total of 3871 miles (23% of our target mileage) and saved 1.395 metric tonnes of fossil CO2 (30% of our carbon target for the year). That is roughly equivalent to switching off  all electricity in an average household for 7 months. So, things are going well.

Electric “Bluebell” continues to make everyone (drivers, passengers and onlookers) smile as she bumbles busily (but silently) along the back lanes in and out of Brecon and Crickhowell. For the lucky project members who live in the village, the online booking system enables them to book Bluebell on the spur of the moment as well as for planned trips. This ad hoc use removes some fears about a community car share scheme.  We are also  using Bluebell to transport visitors on trips to see the Talybont Turbine. This is about a 2 mile trip uphill but Bluebell relishes the challenge even with 4 aboard.

Mr Chips (Biodiesel) continues to swan around the UK – mainly on day long or overnight work trips although he’s booked out for several long weekends in April and May for short holidays or visiting distant relatives. Our biodiesel supplier has, unfortunately, still not been able to provide a bulk delivery to fill our 1400L tank so we are continuing to fill Mr Chips from 25L canisters which is a messy process. We hope this situation will change later this month.

Our shared Google Docs spreadsheet (for recording log book hours and mileages and calculating monthly invoice totals for project members) is working fine. If the log books in the cars didn’t have to be paper-based, we’d be totally streamlined.


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