Wales’ 2050 goal to provide all local energy by low carbon electricity production.

In a major step to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon-energy economy in Wales, Jane Davidson, Minister for Environment, Sustainability and Housing, today launched the Welsh Assembly Government’s Energy Policy Statement

This statement explains what we will do and what we want others to do to make our ambition for low carbon energy a reality.
First, we will maximise energy savings and energy efficiency to make producing the majority of the energy we need from low carbon sources more feasible and less costly.

Second, our energy needs in a modern society will remain considerable, and must be met securely from low carbon sources. We will move to resilient low carbon energy production via indigenous (and thus secure) renewables, on both a centralised and localised basis.

Third, we will ensure that this transition to low carbon energy:
* maximises the economic renewal opportunities for practical jobs and skills;
* strengthens and engages our research and development sectors;
* promotes personal and community engagement; and
* helps to tackle deprivation and improve quality of life.

Based on Wales’ natural advantages such as wind and marine renewable resources, our aim will be to renewably generate up to twice as much electricity annually by 2025 as we use today. By 2050, at the latest, we want to meet almost all of our local energy needs, whether for heat, electrical power or vehicle transport, by low carbon electricity production.

The full statement can be found at


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