Sustianable Energy without the Hot Air

There is a really excellent Podcast by Professor David Mackay (author of ‘Sustainable Energy without the Hot Air)

He addresses two questions:-

1. Could the UK live on its own renewables given our current rate of energy consumption (an average of 125 kWh/day/person)

2. What would constitute an energy plan for the UK that “adds up”.

As David Mackay says, he’s not personally pro or anti wind farms or pro or anti nuclear – he’s simply “pro arithmetic” and it’s the numbers involved in energy supply and demand that he concentrates on.

I found his lecture fascinating, very easy to follow and particularly useful in giving a sense of the scale of renwables required to match our consumption levels. Basically, “to make a difference, renewables have to be country sized”

Mackay also introduces helpful everyday examples which give one a sense of the relative energy we consume in personal travel, heating, food and stuff we buy.

I’m afraid the podcast does take 5 minutes plus to download and lasts an hour but it’s compelling, well reasoned stuff and time well spent!


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