527kg CO2 saved in first 2 weeks of Car Project

Our 2010 experiment is to see if 11 households in Talybont-on-Usk can reduce their CO2 emissions from personal car travel by 10% by using two zero carbon community cars (one electric and one biodiesel) in place of our own cars. The project started in February.

Together, we hope to reduce our carbon emissions by 4.26 tonnes over the year – equal to 17,050 miles of normal driving.

We’ve got off to a great start. The first month (February) has seen us save 527kg of CO2. This calculation takes into account the individual CO2 emissions for each member’s own car.

Electric ‘Bluebell’ has been busily bumbling into Brecon and back on an almost daily basis – she’s even managed 3 passengers on one occasion! She’s not keen on hills or overtaking but happily manages 30 mph plus on the level.

‘Mr (100% Biodiesel) Chips’, meanwhile has been traversing the UK from Cornwall to Aberystwyth without a murmer. We are desperately hoping that our biodiesel tank will be installed in the village this month as filling a thirsty biodiesel car from 25L cans of converted chip oil is messy process….

Our online booking system seems to be working smoothly. We are operating a shared spreadsheet calculating charges and carbon saved. Our only problem so far? The padlock on Bluebell’s charging point getting stuck. Soon resolved.


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