New Feed-in Tariffs

We recently came across this comprehensive list of the new feed-in tariff amounts that come into effect in April and replace ROC’s (as far as we can work out). The generation tariff, which you get no matter what you do with the energy, is as follows:-

Technology (P/kWh)
Wind 1.5-15kW (26.7p)
Wind >15-100kW (24.1p)
Wind >100-500kW (18.8p)
Wind >500-1.5MW (9.4p)
Wind >1.5MW-5MW (4.5p)
Solar PV <=4kW (new build) (36.1p)
Solar PV 4-10kW (36.1p)
Solar PV >100kW-5MW (29.3p)
Solar PV standalone (29.3p)
Hydro 15-100kW (17.8p)
Hydro >100kW-2MW (11p)
Hydro >2-5MW (4.5p)
Existing RO microgenerators (9p)
Micro CHP <2kW (10p)
Anaerobic Digestion (AD) 500kW (9p)

Our Talybont turbine counts, we think, as an existing RO microgenerator so we are trying to work out how this impacts our revenue which we spend on sustainable projects in the Talybont community.

It might depend, I fear, on the outcome of the election. The Tories have said that, if elected, they will change the rules governing the UK’s imminent new feed-in tariff scheme in order to ensure those businesses and households that have already installed on-site renewable energy technologies receive the same level of incentives as those deploying microgeneration systems for the first time.


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  1. Scott McLean Says:

    We can help you work this out if you like. Go to to find out more.

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