Less cars in the USA – A change in behaviour?

Americans scrapped more vehicles than they bought last year as the ragged economy reduced demand and some major cities expanded mass transit service, according to a new report recently released by nonprofit group the Earth Policy Institute (EPI).

The American scrappage scheme gave consumers a rebate of up to $4,500 for trading in older cars and light trucks, led to the scrapping of more than 700,000 vehicles. But since the incentive was only available to consumers who bought new fuel-sipping vehicles, it did not affect the ratio of scrapped vehicles to new sales.

This has led EPI to conclude the United States, the world’s biggest petroleum user, “is entering a new era, evolving from a car-dominated transport system to one that is much more diversified,” said Lester Brown, the president of the EPI.

Hmm – really?  Any thoughts?  The thought that people only reduce their carbon foot print because they can no longer afford to continue it, is a bit disappointing isn’t it? Or is that just reality?


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