How it went! – Talybont Energy Green Transport Day

Green Transport exhibitsTalybont Energy invited residents of our own and other communities to attend a ‘Green Transport Day’ in Henderson Hall, Talybont-on-Usk on Saturday 7th November. Our aim was to bring together ideas and products that might help us reduce our carbon emissions and cost of travel and to explore people’s interest in a possible Talybont Energy community car experiment for 2010.

The government says we need to cut our fossil fuel carbon emissions by 15% over the next ten years and the price of fossil fuel is likely to rise sharply as oil and gas become scarcer and government taxation encourages the switch to more sustainable energy. Each of us generates about 10 tonnes of CO2 per annum and, in rural areas, around 1/3 of this can be due to car travel.

The following vehicles were on show at the Green Transport Day:-

  • Mega City E Electric Car (4kW engine)[1]
  • Toyota Prius Hybrid (72mpg)
  • Toyota Aygo
  • Ford KA
  • Vauxhall Corsa Diesel 1.3 TDci
  • Seat 1.9TDI running on 100% Biodiesel (courtesy of Dr Stephen Edwards of Llangattock)
  • 2 electric bikes (eZee Sprint and Eco Monark).

There was also an exhibit by Sundance Renewables[2] who manufacture biodiesel from waste oil in Ammanford and Tredegar.

Around 40 people attended the event from the Talybont district and surrounding villages (Bwlch, Llangattock, Llangynidr and Llanfrynach) and a few interested parties came from as far afield as Hay-on-Wye and Monmouth. Several people took advantage of test rides in the different cars and the electric bikes proved as popular as ever. We even had the chance to kneel down and smell the “chippy-style” exhaust from a biodiesel car! Some sort of rite of passage, I guess.

We are running a follow-up meeting for people in our immediate community who might be interested in joining a Talybont Energy funded community car experiment next year. The aim is to share a goal between us of reducing the carbon emissions on our car trips by 10% in 2010. If the experiment is successful and the low or zero carbon community car proves useful, then we will consider extending the scheme to a car club arrangement with more cars and a wider group of participants.

If you are local to Talybont and might be interested in joining our carbon-reducing transport experiment, please come along to our next meeting on Tuesday 24th November, 8-9pm in Henderson Hall where we will be discussing the options available to us. Contact Alison Kidd (665401) or Hilary Williams (676568) for details.





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