The Latest on the Electric Bike Trial

The 2 Talybont Energy electric bikes have now done 1700 miles between them and roughly 800 of these have replaced miles which would have otherwise been driven by car. Around 90 people have now been on the bikes (at the various demo events) and 28 people have booked them out for the day and completed the research surveys.

The bikes were hosted by BBNP during National Bike week in June and were demo’d to some local businesses. Unfortunately, none of the businesses followed up this contact. Perhaps this is fortunate, as we now have no free weeks left for the bikes until October.

The trial has now changed flavour with other Green Valleys’ communities volunteering to host them. Following a demo at Llangynidr market, the bikes were hosted there for two weeks. This week Pip Woolf is using them for an art project in Llangynidr which involves visiting different homes in the area. They are then going to Cymdu (1 wk), Llanfihangel Crucorney (1 wk). Abergavenny (2 wks), Llangattock (2 wks), Hay (2 wks) and Monmouth (2 wks). We eventually get them back in Talybont on October 3rd! At Hay and Monmouth, they are being used at special Green Transport events in the town.

Peter and Alison, who have been running the trial, are so resenting having to return to using their car for frequent runs into Talybont and Brecon, that they have decided to purchase their own electric bikes. The enjoyment of hills without sweat along with the considerable carbon savings on short journeys have convinced them at least.


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