Update on the e-bike trial

Local trial bookings have slowed down a bit. In the last couple of weeks, we’ve had 3 new triallists plus two repeats (serious potential buyers). So, we have now had 22 triallists in total who have (between them) done 391 miles – 234 of these have been car replacement miles. It is enjoyable greeting the returning cyclists who are usually smiling from ear to ear and reluctant to return the bikes. The main complaint we get is about the heaviness of the bikes when getting on and off etc. We continue to get positive quotes on the post-trial survey (“you don’t groan at the hills on the way home from work”, “great way to exercise and promote green travel”). Most of the triallists are people who have bikes and regret they don’t use them more. Some of them are considering ways to get rid of a 2nd car. Some live up a steep hill only a couple of miles from shops or work and are frustrated that they get the car out for such a short run.

The B&R article (see attached) generated a number of phone calls – all of which came from way outside Brecon! We passed them on to OnBike in Presteigne. The B&R have asked to follow it up with an article (which they will write) in their free newspaper. They plan to come and take photos etc this week.

We demo’d the bikes at Crickhowell market on Saturday (inbetween torrential downpours). The turn out was disappointing (given posters and flyers in Cric etc) and the handful of people who came and chatted all seemed to live elsewhere (London, Basingstoke, Bristol, Exeter…) – we got the impression that Crickhowell is wealthy 2nd home country! People were intrigued and impressed though that a community hydro scheme would mount such a trial! Anyway, we did encounter two local women who were delightfully enthusiastic and both cycled both bikes round the block and loved the ease with which they made the hill up from the bridge. They have signed up for the Llangattock phase of the trial as did a guy who lives on a canal boat at Llangattock.

The bikes will be hosted in Llangattock for the first two weeks in June.

After that, the bikes will be at BBNP (c/o Ceri and Helen) for National Bike Week (15-19th June) and they are hoping to promote the trial to Brecon businesses during that week.

The bikes will be hosted then in Llangynidr for 3 weeks including a demo/promotional session at the Llangynidr Farmers Market on Sunday 28th June. We currently have no bookings from mid July but Abergavenny GV-ers think they have found a host for them for 2 weeks around then.

We shall see whether anything comes out of the Brecon business contacts in Bike Week before taking that agenda forward.

Meanwhile, the technophile in this household has calculated that our ToUE turbine could generate 16 million miles of e-biking in a year but, alas, only 250,000 electric car miles…. still a nice sound byte for when ToUE make it onto the Radio 4 Today programme. Peter is working on a tag line “Go to work on a waterfall”….


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