The bikes are already prooving popular – Launch is still 2 weeks away (5th April)

Last Wednesday I was very excited to have my first go on an electric bike. At nearly 4 months pregnant I am already finding hills a challenge on foot and would not dream of attempting them on a bike. But I was staying open minded and set off on a short journey around Pencelli (near Talybont-on-Usk). I was absolutely amazed at how easy the bike was to use and how easy the hill was to cycle up. As we started up the hill I had forgotten to “activate” the electric motor and felt the usual resistance that a hill brings to cycling. However as soon as I put the engine on – WOW! I was zooming up the hill (at a fairly slow pace!) with very little effort on my part. It was amazing. I am already saving up my pennies so that one day I can buy my own. I cannot recommend the experience enough!

The bikes have continued to proove popular – they have now covered about 90 miles, primarily (and you have to believe this) to completely discharge the batteries so that they are properly conditioned. Our understanding is that we can now just top them up after every use.

Special mention in this collective effort must go to our chairman, who set off on an heroic trip from Pencelli to Tredegar on Saturday.

Mike set off with speed and gusto and made it there – a trip of over 15 miles with a brutal climb in the middle – on about 2/3rds of the battery. He partially recharged the battery then made it back to Pencelli (another 15 miles) with a few miles left in the tank. An epic trip, carrying both a laptop and a battery charger in the eye-catching buckets that adorn our bikes, make them easily recognisable, and much less attractive to steal.

Alison and Peter (the bike caretakers and leaders of the e-bike trial) have made some more modest sorties – an exploratory run to Llangynidr to check that the bikes could even go up Mike’s hill, a gentle trip to Brecon and back, a lovely run along the back roads from Pencelli to the Mountain visitor centre, and a round trip to Bwlch, Llangorse lake, Llanfihangel Talyllyn, Llanfrynach and back.

This morning, two more pressed volunteers set off for a weekday commute from Pencelli to Brecon.

They looked happy as they left and we hope they still look happy on their return this afternoon!

If you would like to have a go on an electric bike then do come along to our e-bike trial launch on Sunday 5th April from 2pm at Henderson Hall in Talybont-on-Usk. If you cannot make it but would still like a go or if you would like further information please contact Alison or Peter on 01874 665401 or email


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